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2016 International Conference of Computer Education and Management Engineering(ICCEME2016)

2016 International Conference of Computer Education and Management Engineering will be held on December 30-31,2016, Nuremberg, Germany.ICCEME 2016 will be held at December 30-31,2016, Nuremberg, Germany.Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

1.Engineering Education
Engineering Education Reform
Education Reforms
Discipline, Specialty Construction and Talents Cultivation
Engineering Education Model
Engineering Education Management
Re-engineering of Engineering Education
Cultivation of Innovatory Spirit and Engineering Ability
Basic Science in Engineering Education
Engineering Practice Teaching
Evaluation of Engineering Education
Project Teaching
Practical Teaching Reform
Cooperative Education
Vocational and Technical Education
Changes and Challenges in Engineering Education
Interactions between Enterprise and Education
Pricing and Economic Analysis of Engineering Education
Social and Cultural Impact of Modern Communications for Engineering Education
International Recognition of Qualifications.
Vocational Education Psychology
Higher Pedagogy
Continuing Education & its Delivery
Studies in Engineering and the Needs of the Production and Market
Globalization in Education Challenges and Problems
Management of Educational Institutes
Psychological Aspects and Relations between Lecturers and Students.

2.Educational Technology
Distance Learning and Distance Teaching
Computers for Education
E-Learning, E-Business, Enterprise Information Systems, & E-Government
Educational Software and Development
Intelligent Reboots
Classroom Monitoring
Multimedia for Education
New types of Examinations
Management system of education
Virtual school, Virtual Classroom
Transfer of Know-how for educational technologies
Educational technologies for People with Special Needs
Quality Assurance in educational technologies.
Resources and Funds in educational technologies.
Web-Based Education and Training
Web-Management of education
Exercise System without Paper
Examination System without Paper
Innovation management in educational technologies
E-school and E-university
Application of Educational Technology in Career Education
Application of Educational Technology in Continuous education
Application of Educational Technology in Lifelong Education
Privacy issues for education
Distributed computing and distributed data bases for education

3.Application of Information Technology
Services computing
Disaster Management Information Technology
Technology Transfer & Globalization
Emerging Technology Management
Information Security/Privacy
Information Technology & Engineering
Human-Computer Interaction
Decision Technologies, Legal Aspects of IT
Adoption Models
Social and Behavioral Aspects of Information Systems
Web-based Information Systems and Applications
Collaboration Systems and Technology
Cross-Organizational and Cross-Border IS/IT
Knowledge Management
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Information Resource Planning (IRP)
Finance and Industrial Optimization
Managerial and Engineering Optimization
Business Value of Information Systems
Web-Based Education and Training

4.Technology topics
Engineering Management, Process Improvement, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Logistics Management, Quality Control, Service Science, Enterprise Management, Production Management, Agile Manufacturing, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Enterprise Resource Planning, Knowledge Management, Information Management, Organizational Management, E-Commerce, E-Government, Mobile Commerce, Customer Relationship Management, Just In Time Production, IT Service Management, Decision Support Systems, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, Expert System, Knowledge Networks, Web Services, Data Mining, Grid Computing & Applications, Internet Computing, Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques & Applications, Security issues of information system

Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Generation Systems
Protective Relaying
Modeling and Simulation of Power Systems
Load Modeling, Forecasting and Management
Power Quality and Grounding
Safety, Maintenance and Operation
Distribution System Planning and Reliability
Flexible AC Transmission Systems
Distributed Generation
Distributed Power Systems
Power Line Communications
Power Flow Analysis
Power Electronics, Systems and Applications
Soft switching converters
Multilevel converters
Matrix converters
Emerging topologies
Power Converters Modeling, Simulation and Control
Power Factor Correctors
EMI and over-voltage protection
Active Filters and Harmonics
Power Supplies
Power Electronics Components and Packaging
Reliability and Fault Tolerance
Electrical Machines and Adjustable Speed Drives
AC and DC Machines and Drives
Reluctance machines and drives
Permanent magnet machines and drives
Linear machines and drives
Sensorless control
Piezo and electrostatic actuators
Modeling and simulation
Maintenance and Fault Diagnosis
Electrical Vehicles
EMC related phenomena
Energy Conversion and Conservation
Energy Management Systems
Renewable Energy Sources and Technology
Energy Management and Environmental issues
Hybrid Power Systems
Distributed and Co-Generation Systems
Wind Energy Systems
Marine Renewable Energy
Biomass Energy and Geothermal Resources
Solar Energy Systems
Hydro Power Plants
Renewable Energy and Distributed Systems
Renewable Energy Sources

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